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While urinary continence issues are common, it carries a stigma that for some can be incredibly difficult to navigate. UroStat provides incontinence care supplies for adults, hassle-free and delivered straight to your door with eligible Medicare/Insurance.

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What is Incontinence?

Urinary Incontinence is a very common condition. Bladder control relies on the nervous system communicating properly with the bladder and urethral tissues. Normally, the bladder stores urine until you are ready and in a place to empty your bladder of urine, however if you have urinary incontinence, your bladder cannot perform the function of holding urine properly.

While urinary incontinence is common, it carries a stigma that for some can be incredibly difficult to navigate. This stigma can negatively impact someone’s quality of life, which is why our efforts go towards normalizing the conversation surrounding urinary incontinence – and the good news is that there are many simple solutions to treat and improve your incontinence.

Types of Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can occur in various ways. With there being several types, each type has its own unique symptoms.

  • Stress Incontinence – Induced by physical activity, such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, lifting heavy objects or exercising. 
  • Urge Incontinence – Also known as overactive bladder (OAB), this form of incontinence generally means you have little to no control over emptying your bladder, while also experiencing the sudden urge to void your bladder. Various medical conditions such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis can cause urge incontinence. 
  • Mixed Incontinence – This type of incontinence means the individual displays characteristics of multiple types of incontinence. Generally it is a combination of stress and urge incontinence.
  • Overflow Incontinence – While individuals with overflow incontinence generally do not have the sudden urge to empty their bladder, they do commonly experience leakage due to a weak bladder muscle or blockage. 
  • Functional Incontinence – Individuals who experience functional incontinence generally have healthy bladder and urethra function, however, due to a physical or mental disability (or combination of both) cannot get to the restroom in time to avoid urine leakage.

Common Incontinence Products

Briefs (Diapers)

Also known as adult diapers, briefs are disposable, protective underwear that have tab closures, making changing them more convenient. 

Pull Ups (Underwear)

Pull-ups are disposable protective underwear that are absorbent and typically have an elasticized waistband. The leg openings make it easy to pull them on or off, which works well for individuals who have mobility and want a product that resembles your typical cloth underwear.

Inserts, Liners & Guards (Pads)

Also commonly referred to as chux, underpads are mostly used to protect furniture, from mattresses and couches to car seats and cribs. They possess a soft, absorbent layer on the top, and a liquid-proof bottom layer to soak up any leaks. Pads make day to day life easier, and are easily disposed of in the trash after use. 

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